Do cats mourn for parting with their children?


Do cats mourn for parting with their children?
1- The stage of weaning cats
Cats begin to wean their kittens when they are four weeks old, and at the fourth week the mother cat will start encouraging the kittens to eat.

You will notice that the mother takes the kittens towards the eating plate, and will start teaching them how to bite the food, so at this stage you can put food that is easy to chew and digest for the kittens.

You will also notice that the mother cat will begin to prevent the cats from feeding gradually, until they become accustomed to food and eating gradually.

Cats may also move their children to a place other than the place of birth, this place will be close to the food dishes to encourage them to eat, hunt and move.

2- The stage of separation of the mother cat for her children
When the mother cat finds that the newborn kitten’s house has become empty, she will suffer from obvious sadness, which may push her to not eat with the same appetite for a day or two.

You may also notice that your cat will search for her children everywhere in the house, and may begin to meow with a distinctive voice in hopes of finding her children.

But after several days, the mother cat will return to its normal life. Atma her young children will move to live in a new place to form a new life with a new family.

Does the mother cat accept her children after weaning?
In the event that the cats never left the mother cat, the cat will start to form a large flock, and it will start taking care of its children and watching them grow up.

Perhaps she will feed them and play with them, and we may also marry one of her children if he grows up. And the cat family will begin to grow and increase in abundance and without problems.

But if the cats left their children, and someone came home again after a month or two, you might not be able to recognize him easily.

Because cats depend on the scent, after a period of time, the kittens will lose the smell of the mother, and they will not be recognized, so you may notice that the mother cat attacks her children.

The same applies to the cats between each other, the cats will not know their brothers easily if they are separated for a month or less, and when they meet again, many fights may occur between them.

Do cats grieve for separating their children due to abortion?
Yes, regardless of the great pain that will occur to the mother due to the miscarriage and the many health problems that may be faced.

But the mother will feel sad because of the miscarriage and will start looking for her children who died or were not born, so you have to pay attention.

Offer some foods that your cat loves, and keep them entertained and play with them until they get past this stage.

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