7 magical benefits of argan oil


Benefits of Argan Oil First, it is necessary to learn about the origin of argan oil, its locations, and its sources, before delving into the benefits of this oil, which is also known as (liquid gold), and is also called (miracle oil). Argan oil is an oil that is extracted from almonds, which are the fruit of the argan tree. The argan tree is known as a very rare and almost rare tree, as we find it only in the Moroccan state, specifically in the (Souss Plain), and we also find it to a lesser extent in the Anti-Atlas, which is It is a type of perennial tree, as its lifespan reaches 200 years:. Argan oil is considered an essential oil in Moroccan cuisine, especially in the region where it is found, in addition to its therapeutic benefits and also in cosmetic matters, as we find that this oil contains a group of acids, so we find oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid, and we also find argan oil. Stearic and linolenic acid, in addition to fatty acids, especially Omega 6 and Omega 9, and we also find carotene, squalene, steroids, phenols, and vitamin E.

Argan oil is characterized by many uses and benefits, including the following

1 Protection from sunlight:

 Taking argan oil supplements orally or applying it topically to the skin may protect against sun damage. A study found that the antioxidant activity of argan oil helped protect the skin from free radical damage. Caused by the sun, which leads to the prevention of burns and pigmentation, as it may help prevent the development of skin cancer in the long term.

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