Having both hearing and vision loss may double risk of dementia ?

A new study published by National Kangwon University in South Korea has found that hearing and vision loss puts you at risk of developing dementia and cognitive decline after several years, and hearing loss or vision is often a sign of aging, according to what has been reported. on the Medical Express website.


The researchers pointed out that sensory loss is painful and has an effect on your daily life, but the results of the study indicated that hearing and vision loss may be of particular concern after the study. examined approximately 6,000 and 500 people between the ages of 58 to 101, where visual impairment was determined, and hearing through a questionnaire examining the extent of use of glasses or hearing aids .

The study found that dementia was common among people with hearing and visual impairments, as researchers assessed people’s thinking and memory skills every two years for 6 years, then analyzed the relationship between hearing loss or impairment. visual, dementia, disability and dementia.

The study indicated that during the 6 years of evaluating study participants, it was found that participants with hearing and visual impairment were more likely to have dementia than the group with normal sensory function. , while the decrease in reflection test scores was more severe in people with weakness, hearing, and sight.

The study showed that when a person has a disability, it can increase the risk of isolation and depression, which previous research has shown can affect the risk of dementia and thinking skills at one point. ulterior.

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