9 Symptoms of Dementia

In the United States, over 3 million people every year are diagnosed with dementia. Even though there is no proper cure for dementia, treating it in its early stage can help slow down the disease. Many people compare dementia to Alzheimer’s disease. Although they may feel similar, dementia’s symptoms are quite different than Alzheimer’s disease. The following are some of the symptoms you may be developing a dementia problem.

1.Short-term memory loss

Memory loss of all types is quite common for dementia patients. However, the most common type is short-term memory loss. People with short-term memory loss have trouble remembering what happened hours ago or, in some cases, minutes ago. All the while, they have clear memories of what happened from years and decades ago. Most people who have these short-term memory losses think that this is just the result of stressing too much and having many things on your mind. This is not the truth, though. Short-term memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms for having dementia.

Short-term memory loss
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