How to live longer: Raspberries may hold anti-cancer properties to boost longevity


Experts advise to follow a healthy and balanced diet that includes all the nutrients of various fruits and vegetables and starches rich in fiber, as well as dairy products, legumes, fish, meat, choosing unsaturated oils and drinking lots of fluids. , and when it comes to fruits, there are raspberries that have many health benefits in terms of reducing the risk of developing cancer and living longer because they help with weight loss, according to “Express.”
Red raspberry is rich in quercetin and gallic acid, two flavonoids associated with improving heart function and preventing obesity, and also promotes healthy cell life in the body and naturally regulates the death of harmful cells. , in addition to powerful antioxidant and inflammatory compounds. it contains, including vitamin C, which all help prevent the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
Eating red raspberries also helps lower blood sugar and improves insulin resistance because it is low in sugar like other types of berries.

Animal experiments have shown that consuming freeze-dried red raspberries with a high-fat diet lowers blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of developing fatty liver disease.

Another study published in the US National Library of Medicine indicated that red raspberries have properties that can kill cancer cells in the stomach, colon and breast.

Here are … the additional benefits of all types of berries:
1- Berries are full of nutritional value that promotes heart health.

2- Studies have also shown that berries can lower harmful cholesterol, which is a fatal precursor of heart disease.

3- Eating berries with all their derivatives helps prevent the risk of heart attack.

4- Berries are considered to be an excellent food for brain health because berry consumption has been shown to help prevent cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s) resulting from aging.

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