Back pain: The eight signs indicating your pain could be something more serious


Back pain is a source of discomfort for many people and in some cases it can be a sign of a serious problem, but it is often common like headaches, colds, eye strain and the like, and it’s mild and doesn’t require treatment, but there are some signs and symptoms that point to a serious infection, requiring time to undergo examination and treatment, according to Express.

For its part, the British Health Services (NHS) indicates that there are 8 signs that back pain is caused by a serious problem:

1- Tingling sensation around the genitals or buttocks

2- Difficulty urinating

3- Loss of bladder control

4- Chest pain

5- Body temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius or more

6- Unexplained weight loss

7- Swelling or deformation of the back

8- The pain does not improve after rest or increases in intensity at night.

The British Health Authority added that in rare cases, back pain can be caused by a more serious health problem such as infection, cancer, damage to parts of the spine, a herniated disc or a fracture of one of the bones in the back which results in osteoporosis. Inflammation of the lower back due to ankylosing spondylitis, which results in inflammation of the joints of the spine and ligaments.

What follows. The list of cases that can cause severe back pain includes:
1- Fractions

2- Hernia

3- Tumors

4- bone infections

5- Infections or kidney stones

6- Osteoporosis

7- meningitis

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