What happens to your body when you drink olive oil on an empty stomach?


Olive oil has many health benefits that have led many people to consume it in various forms, especially when cooking food, as it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and contains fatty acids. monounsaturated, which is a healthy source of fat, but there isn’t enough of it. scientific evidence to support olive oil consumption. Simple as first thing in the morning as some people do, according to “timesofindia”.
Consuming olive oil directly in the morning can provide many health benefits, including removing toxins from the body and helping with weight loss and treating an upset stomach, and although ‘there is not enough scientific evidence to support the direct consumption of this oil, many experts believe that taking olive oil directly has many health benefits better than using it while cooking .

Here are … the benefits of consuming olive oil directly:
1- It helps you get the amount of fat the body needs.

2- A remedy against constipation, because olive oil is considered one of the best natural pain relievers against constipation, and it also regulates the stool.

3- Supports heart health and reduces the risk of developing associated diseases.

4- Helps stabilize blood sugar.

5- Helps maintain and strengthen bone health and improve bone density.

6- Nourish the hair and the skin.

7- Helps reduce infections.

8- It works like an analgesic.

9- Good for the health of the digestive system in general.
Side effects of direct consumption of olive oil:
1- Olive oil is high in calories, so it can lead to weight gain if it is not used in moderation.

2- It is not considered a complete meal and cannot be relied on alone, the body needs to vary from food to food to get different healthy nutrients.

3- It can cause allergic reactions especially for sensitive taste buds, and it can also cause severe skin infections.

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