Magical methods and recipes for hair care


Hair care:

 Hair is exposed to various types; Such as greasy, dry, fine, curly, and other types, for many problems that make it lose its healthy and beautiful appearance, such as dry hair or hair loss and other problems. Healthy and beautiful hair gives confidence to the woman, and there are several steps and natural recipes that are easy to prepare, inexpensive and do not require time. It is effective in treating and caring for hair problems, and we will discuss it in detail in this topic.

Steps and tips for hair care

   Eat healthy food. The proteins and omega-3 found in salmon and walnuts are essential for a healthy scalp.

  Wash hair with warm, not hot, water to maintain its shine.

  Avoid treating dandruff using oils, as they make the problem worse.

  Avoid exposing your hair excessively to sunlight, as it causes dryness. Therefore, it is recommended to apply sunscreen to the hair or wear a hat to protect it from the sun.

  Choose the type of shampoo that is appropriate for the type and nature of hair. There are types for oily hair and types for dry hair.

Avoid using an electric hair dryer on wet hair, but rather leave the hair to dry naturally first.

Lubricate the hair regularly, to care for the scalp and increase hair growth, using coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil.

Trimming the ends of the hair regularly, in order to help it grow and strengthen it. It is recommended to trim the ends every 6 or 8 weeks.

Combing the hair in the morning and before bed. The combing process distributes the natural oils evenly throughout the hair, thus giving it shine.

Use the appropriate conditioner, as conditioner makes the hair softer and more shiny.

  Avoid using hair dyes and colourants, as they damage the hair because they contain chemicals that harm the hair. Therefore, if you want to dye your hair, it is recommended to use natural dyes.

Hair care recipes

Below are the most prominent easy natural hair care recipes:

 Olive oil


This recipe is used to moisturize dry hair, and its method is:


 A quantity of olive oil.

The method

Warm a little olive oil, put it on the hair, leave for 45 minutes, then wash the hair well with shampoo

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