UK nurse lives 9 months in ‘caravan’ to protect elderly mother from Corona


Many health workers are trying to stay away from home so that it does not become a source of infection for loved ones with the spread of the pandemic of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and in this regard , a British nurse has was able to isolate herself in a “trailer” for nine months to protect her elderly mother from the virus. Corona, who finally returned home after her mother received the vaccine last December.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that ill Sarah Link and her husband isolated themselves in a trailer parked outside their house to protect her 84-year-old mother from contracting the virus while she continued to work. The UK newspaper reported that Sarah worked as a nurse for 17 years and continued to work at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, while her husband, “Jarry”, runs a business that sells fish.

The report said they bought the caravan for £ 600 in March last year when the outbreak started, believing it would only be a temporary fix as they believed they would live in the caravan for a few weeks, but they never expected to stay there for nine months.

The British nurse said: “We thought it would take four weeks or 12 weeks at most, then summer has come and gone, and after nine months we were still there. It was amazing I can’t believe that we did that. ”

The report said the couple had decorated the caravan throughout the year on Halloween and Christmas, and put lights and the NHS sign on one of its sides, and despite this the couple had tested positive Corona virus last December, but they were able to continue to isolate themselves in the caravane.

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