Did Nikola Tesla time travel?

Nikola Tesla, an original Croatian, born in 1856 and died in 1943, found his way to popular cultures, and many stories abounded around him due to his many scientific experiments in the field of electromagnetic influence on time in order to overpower him in order to pass through him to other times and times and that Matter was known after traveling in time.


Tesla’s life was characterized by a lot of ambiguity, especially in that aspect related to his inventions which were not completed or rather did not see the light, which mainly focused on the penetration of time and the creation of a fault that leads him to move freely between the future, the present and the past.

Time travel is defined as moving backwards or forwards through different points in time, in the same way as it is for a place.

At the end of the 19th century, after many experiments, Nikola Tesla was able to prove that time and space were affected by strong magnetic fields, which paved the way for him to continue the invention of the travel machine in the weather.

Tesla continued in his efforts until he surprised the world by stating that he was in fact able to time travel for moments during one of his own experiments to subjugate time. This statement was quoted by a reporter for the New York Times, who told him that a strong electric spark hit him and lifted him into the air while in contact with an electromagnetic charge, which he got him to see the past, present and future at the same time, luckily his help was able to save him quickly by disconnecting the electric current.

The opportunity for Nikola Tesla came from a wider application of his theory through what was known as the Philadelphia Experiment, where the military establishment used him and many scientists to hide their ships from radar. using strong magnetic fields But the case exceeded this goal by moving the ship Eldridge, on which the test was carried out, a great distance, hundreds of kilometers from its location, in addition to what has been reported by the ship’s crew on what happened during this experience.

The US Navy subsequently denied conducting these experiments and closing the door on this story, and it has become one of the most mysterious stories of the modern age.

This genius died in 1943, leaving behind many stories that we still don’t agree with.

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