Swiss hotel offers luxury seclusion with 52,000 euros to break the boredom of Corona restrictions.


The new Corona virus pandemic has prompted many people around the world to flee crowded places and move to quiet places, in order to get through the period of isolation and lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but if you are rich, your closure can be characterized by extreme luxury and spend it in Winter Paradise, only 52,000 euros.

The richest people in the world can sidestep the closure restrictions, and steer clear of the crowds, by looking for a number of hotels that represent winter paradise in the ‘Engadine’ resort known as name of “winter paradise” in Switzerland, in particular the hotel “Kersta Palace” and other luxury hotels.

“We have accelerated the hotel reservation process this year in conjunction with the Corona crisis, and in light of hotel closures in the vast majority of European countries,” said Marcus Tauss, hotel manager of luxury for the German magazine Der Spiegel.

The 4-stars luxury hotel has been offering its distinctive services to guests since 1906, until today, even in times of epidemic, and the visitor can see the ski lifts from the breakfast buffet, and experience Skiing in the hotel’s yard gives you the opportunity to climb to a high altitude and descend quickly over the snow, according to When it was published by “Al-Ain News.”

” At 3 p.m., the hotel offers its guests cups of tea to the sounds of the piano in the hotel lounge, before sauna and hot pool time, and during Corona’s closing time, the hotel has made an exceptional offer, because the customer can spend the whole winter away from the seasons of the “Corona” crisis and the closing rules For 55,000 Swiss francs, the equivalent of 52,000 euros. Taos said, “We have places open here, at a time when all the countries around us went into closure a long time ago,” and revealed that the inmates, mostly from Germany and Italy, do not care about the “Corona” epidemic and just ask to take advantage of the winter, so that a bottle of wine is offered to the guests. In some Engadine hotels on New Year’s Eve for 21,000 euros, according to the same magazine.

On New Years Eve, the beginning of 2021 was celebrated 8 times at the hotel “Christa Palace”, and famous meals such as duck liver and wine were served, and the manager Tass defended him, saying: “I doubt the lockdown measures will make a difference in the number of injuries in neighboring countries.

” He continued, “We are applying adequate precautionary measures, as we ask guests to wear natural face masks in the hotel lobby and to set up cameras that monitor guests who suffer from high temperatures,” adding: “We are assigning isolation rooms to those who test positive for Corona.

” It appears Corona has not slowed the movement of arrivals to Engadin station, with the region’s airport seeing twice as many visitors last November, compared to the same month last year, which means that the rich came early this year and stayed longer, according to Der Spiegel.

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