A family without fingerprints in Bangladesh. Their history with genetic mutations.


All people have special fingerprints which are not similar to other people, which is their identification code, so handprints have become a necessity for obtaining official papers such as obtaining business cards. identity, as well as personal uses such as unlocking smartphones with a fingerprint, but it appears that a family in Bangladesh was turned away from this case due to a rare genetic mutation, which was an obstacle for them to get papers identity, whether for traveling abroad or obtaining a driver’s license.

As the family faces a shopping crisis because of the handprint, she uses her mother’s phone to make purchases, and she is the only one in the family with a handprint. The British BBC Radio website said the 22-year-old “Abu Sarker”, who is 22, lives with his family in a village in the northern Rajshahi district, he worked as a medical assistant until ‘to recently, while his father and grandfather were working as farmers.

The BBC reported that the “Abu” family shared a very rare genetic mutation that prevented them from possessing fingerprints, but it was surprising that Abu’s grandfather thought the absence of his fingerprints was not important. The report explained that the suffering of the family was coming at some point. In it, fingerprints have become a necessity that we have been using in the most vital data of various countries around the world for decades, whether it’s going through airports or voting in elections in addition to opening our smartphones.

In 2008, when Abu was still a boy, according to the report, Bangladesh provided national ID cards to all adults and the database required a fingerprint, while employees were unsure of how to issue one. card for Abu’s father, but the grant was paid on a sealed ID card. With “no fingerprint”.

According to the report, fingerprints have become mandatory for passports and driving licenses in Bangladesh since 2010, and after several attempts, her father, Amal, managed to obtain a passport, which required obtaining a certificate. a medical committee, although riding a motorcycle is necessary. For his agricultural work, he did not get a driver’s license and he said, “I paid the fees and passed the exam, but they did not issue a license because I could not. not provide fingerprints.

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