Where is the most expensive artistic work in the world?


Did you know the most expensive work of world is a painting by leonardo da vinci this then there you must certainly think of famous Mona Lisa and yet it is absolutely not by mona lisa.

I give it to you without suspense the work the most expensive in the world is another canvas attributed or famous painter Italian a canvas that was completely forgotten and rediscovered in 2005 salvador mundi or savior of world was sold in 2017.

Hold your breath for the sum astronomical 450 million dollars a price that the salt you had never been reached for the sale of a painting only little snag in this story which is already incredible the work that should be presented to the public after its purchase at ten pages following its sale in 2017 this no one has heard from the painting it should have been exhibited at the louvre abu dhabi yes there is a louvre in abou dhabi but even the museum did not know where it is find and to further complicate this mystery the famous canvas of leonardo vinci would actually be a fake.

The salvador windy would have been painted in beginning of the 16th century at the request of king louis xii therefore roughly between the moment when de vinci painted the scene and mona lisa they represent jesus christ at its best years in a small took place with a sphere transmissible in the hand however this version of the table would not be the only one that exists at present in fact there is no less than one twenty other versions of the painting so nothing surprising so far a pad panic it happens with a lot works of great masters seven cases by example of mona lisa who does not have less than fifty two accomplices in the case of salvador mundi most of its other versions in circulation have managed to be attributed for example thanks to a signature how much they have remained anonymous without as far as they are particularly related to Leonardo da Vinci himself but there we could quite wonder if none of these versions why has it been attributed to him so much enthusiasm for this painting that is which tells us that this table would be a original and there is only one original of what the relation with the super expensive painting sold in 2017 we know from a reliable source that de vinci has worked himself on a project on salvador wind 10 there are studies of preparation sketches that have been found two his hand and some of the versions of the painting come from his workshop and this is the case of this famous version sold for 450 million dollars it comes from 200 workshops and we know that they were preparing the table only here we are in the history of art very often faced with two problems first the artists were working in workshops he is strong but students to whom they transmitted their technique and their know how and sometimes it is difficult determine if the table is signed by the hand of the artist or that of his students all the more he was not rare than apprentice painters participate see how nice the paintings of their masters secondly leonardo da vinci was surrounded by artists he was present in a big painter in addition to his students and he has very probably largely influenced their works whether in the themes or techniques are many imitators and even copyists a posteriori so that from eighteenth century we see the appearance of leonard desk term to designate his influence on other painters and the italian word leonard datchy goes up designate his imitators where the works made in the manner of Leonardo da Vinci suddenly imagine the head of specialists what they meet today at have to play the 7 differences game see who painted whose head apart the arm or when they have to play as detectives to find out if yes or no an array and one attributed to good artists all its elements sometimes tiny that proves it is essential requires perfect knowledge of works of the artist and a reviewlong and expensive  meticulous and the table we are talking about this famous representation of christ she owns attributes that differentiate it ray others to the point where to distinguish it we must have named it the version of qooq after the name of its owner from early twentieth century when cooke had it bought at the time he was told that the painter was bernardino lwini impossible students of de vinci yet when his family decides to sell the painting in 1958 it is presented as the work of another pupil of the painter and at that time he is sold for only 45 pounds this which is roughly equivalent to a fifty euros current at the time clearly no one suspected that he would become the most expensive painting in the story now imagine we’re talking about this version called cook which passes from hand in hand completely ignored attributed to different painter sold for prices derisory at the death of aunty goal is a hit in 2005 several marches hear about it table and flers the mambo suspecting the work of representing much more than simple reproduction several merchants of specialized art decides to buy the table for 10,000 dollars with the objective of having it appraised three years later and present them a committee of leonard specialist vinci to be able to authenticate him you should know that Leonardo da Vinci he was already very very famous during his lifetime he was recognized as a genius inventor scientific architect painter and all lots of  were already tearing it off suddenly it’s not really a surprise that all these.

 Alas mystery no more news of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci became the most expensive in history christie’s so the auction house indicates however that the transfer done safely and within the rules of the art alas to make it without flame or and the work that was to be presented to the public why did she suddenly disappeared and if this painting was not finally no vinci indeed as we have seen since its discovery and are a priori authentication certain specialists express reservations about paternity of the work several technical reasons are advanced to justify his doubts for example the fact that a finger would be much too ugly or even the absence of reflections on the gold it holds in his hand this absence of light the state in particular michaël delhaye the director of watch you kate since the painter was also an excellent scientist is quite capable of represent the refraction of light for jacques franck so the famous specialists who find that the middle finger of christ is much too ugly for whether it be from the hand of Leonardo vinci the owner would refuse to exhibit table because this one would be in reality a fake and it’s true that show such a controversial painting without be sure that the famous painter Italian we are the author it is a little bit risky the sphere therefore takes a quite unexpected turn and the speculations are rife on the disappearance of the work that would be linked for some to the fact that the painting would not be authentic last December a study on question will then offer a totally unexpected twist a team of computer scientists at the university of california publishes a study about the orb light at they had a blast modeling the 3d table taking into account all the light elements present for determine if salvador mundi rendering could be physically correct and in testing several properties on the ball.

They finally made it through their ranks digital produces a very similar to the master’s painting according to them this element it confirms noonly there ter ni té of the work that it is beautiful well of a leonardo da vinci but in the more he demonstrates the incredible mastery of the scene painter would therefore not explain why the painting would have disappeared one second hypothesis then arises as I tell them rather the buyer of the painting is none other than mohamed ben salman the crown prince of saudi arabia and this information is not trivial we raise an important problem religious since Saudi Arabia is an absolute Islamic monarchy that is to say that the nation has a official confession which is from Islam is a representation of Catholics from jesus incarnating god in a country Muslim.

Well it’s simply forbidden according to thierry ehrmann the president of the arranged artprice would be for this reason that the prince would have preserved the mystery around the table he would keep his location secret to avoid controversy and public opinion negative population however this hypothesis concerning the disappearance of the table is also at take with a grain of salt.

If mohamed ben salman has claimed well be the owner of the work he never commented on his destination or the reasons for its concealment.

Finally in April 2019 after an endless wait the mystery ends the department of abu dhabi culture and tourism concerns that he is indeed in possession of the painting on the other hand, the precise location of the work is not announced officially and it’s a safe bet that we won’t no official explanation concerning this disappearance according to a survey by the artnet website on salvador will die would be right now even on board the yacht it is reindeer the boat of the prince of saudi arabia.

So the painting will forget for centuries attributed to the artist more famous around the world the most expensive work ever sold which fueled an intense debate for years in the community artistic is most likely currently on display above a bar at cocktails and mini sausages from a yacht Saudi.

Yes and the worst is that despite all the research elements of which we have specialists are not  still not unanimous on the fact that the painting would indeed be the hand of Leonardo DeVinci.

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