The best large SUVs in 2024


In this article today, we will highlight the best large SUVs in 2024, taking into account many factors that matter to every consumer.

When talking about large SUVs, there’s more to it than price and sheer size when choosing one.

First, it’s about what’s under the hood. Some are built on a truck chassis on a frame, which would be the traditional and literal definition of an “SUV.”

Others use a car-like unibody structure, making them a crossover. But what really matters is how you use it.

For most families, a large three-row crossover will be your best bet. It has plenty of passenger and cargo space, gets better fuel economy, and has better handling and ride than traditional large SUVs.

It’s also cheaper. On the other hand, traditional large SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition are better suited for heavy-duty tasks like towing. Most now have larger third rows than large crossovers, while extended versions like the Chevrolet Suburban have much more cargo capacity behind the three rows.

As for large luxury SUVs, they also fall into these two categories, with the options being mostly truck-based.

You’ll find our list of the best large SUVs of 2024 below, divided into three categories: large family crossovers, large traditional SUVs, and large luxury SUVs, which includes both body types.

The best large family crossovers

Honda Pilot 2024


Its features: exceptional storage and cargo space – unique functions for the second row – refined driving – versatile Trail Sport – advanced four-wheel drive system

Disadvantages: Substandard acceleration with poor transmission and sluggish engine response – mediocre driver assistance technologies

The Honda Pilot has been completely redesigned for 2023. It has maintained its family-friendly design and overall focus, but added a touch of elegance (especially in the Trail Sport model) that makes it stand out much better among larger crossovers.

The Honda Pilot’s restrained trim and classic fit feel clean compared to the more crowded Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, and Subaru Ascent.

But let’s talk about practicality, which is ultimately the Pilot’s best attribute. While all other three-row SUVs have owners choosing between a second-row seat or captain’s chairs (and thus six-, seven-, or eight-passenger capacity depending on the vehicle), the Pilot’s removable second-row middle seat means every Pilot model can It should be a car for seven or eight passengers.

This middle seat even fits under the cargo floor in all models except the Trail Sport (the full-size all-terrain spare tire takes up too much space).

There’s also plenty of thoughtful, family-friendly storage throughout the vehicle and a well-rounded driving experience that matches the Honda standard. All this makes it one of the best large SUVs in 2024.

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